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ISSUE #3 : 29 NOVEMBER 2004

In this issues:

1. Doctor on Duty at the Health Service Center, Bangkhuntien

2. SoA+D New Car

3. Update Information on mySoAD web

4. Resignation of Staff

5. New coming Staff

6. The First SoA+D Direct Admission for Academic Year 2005

7. Mid-Semester Examination 2/2004


1. Doctor on Duty at the Health Service Center, Bangkhuntien


Starting from Monday 22nd November 2004, the Health Service Center(HSC), Bangkhuntien will have a doctor on duty on every Monday and Friday 12.00-13.00. The Health Service Center BKT is located at the EXC building.


2. SoA+D New car


The SoA+D has purchased a new pick-up car, "Toyota VIGO". The car will be used for office work related to all SoA+D operation. The car must be booked and approved in advance before using. Contact K.Jirawan (K.Pla ex.9930) for more information.


3. Update Information on mySoAD Web


The updated list of students enrollment in each course for semester 2/2004 has been placed on mySoAD web. To access the information please goto " --> Courseware", then enter the course code. For further information please contact K.Pradab (K.Maew ex.9939).


4. Resignation of Staff


K.Pisit (K.Bas), the web desiger, has resigned since 15 November, 2004. He was offered a job as programmer in a private company. Any matter related to our SoA+D web site should contact K.Pradab (K.Maew ex.9939) until further notice.

K.Surasak (K.X), the librarian, has resigned from 1 December 2004. He will go to work at Mahidol University.


5. New Coming Staff


SoA+D will have a new member starting from 1 December, 2004. K.Rungnapha Gessakul (K.Ple) will be a new procurement assistant staff. She graduated from Rajabaht Thonburi Institute in Bachelor of Business Administration. She will help K.Jirawan (K.Pla) on the task of asset management & procurement.


6. The First SoA+D Direct Admission for Academic Year 2005


The first SoA+D direct admission examination will be on 13-14 December, 2004 at bangkhuntien. There are 68 Students apply for our school in this round.


7. The Mid-Semester Examination 2/2004


The mid-semester examination 2/2004 is between 15-24 December, 2004. The dateline for submission of an examination pare is by Friday 9 December, 2004. For examination schedule, please see the notice board or contact K.Charupan (K.Cha ex.9927).



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